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20 Best Jokes For Whatsapp

Life is full of fun and cares.In life we need great inspirations and motivations.there are many people in our life whose life is full of inspirations and motivations for us.We want to spend time with them and we want to share our feelings with them.Life Teaches us many lessons in life.We should

25 Kool Mark Twain Quotes

Life has many good and bad days.Each of life is different from other day of life.each day of life is more inspirational and more lesson learner for us.each day teaches us how to live next day of life and each day teaches us how to behave good with others.One thing we should

25 Funny Jokes For Kids

Joke! A humorous intention or remark intended to provoke laughter, an activity characterized by good humor, a ludicrous or grotesque act done for fun and amusement, a triviality not to be taken seriously. Joke can have different forms: it can be a single word or phrase, it can be a gesture or

25+ Lovely Birthday Wishes

A Human Being, always found of peace, love and satisfaction. Never wants to lose any chance of happiness and joy, wants to grab every moment, every piece and every source of emitting happiness. And Birthdays are such a source of happiness that brings everyone close, lessens the distance between people instead I