20 Best Jokes For Whatsapp

Life is full of fun and cares.In life we need great inspirations and motivations.there are many people in our life whose life is full of inspirations and motivations for us.We want to spend time with them and we want to share our feelings with them.Life Teaches us many lessons in life.We should learn from these lessons of life and try to give importance to those only who are important for us and not for those who hate us and not giving respect to us in time of need.Enjoy the happy moments of your life and have great fun in life.

Here below I am going to share something different with you.Here I am going to share whats app jokes for you people.As whats app is one of the growing  way of sending messages and videos in style.Download these and get full inspirations from them.these all are cool collections of the jokes for whats app

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